Eric Callero Actor / Writer / Producer

Whiskey Tears Cast

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Tonight I meet with director Frank Door and writer / producer Chanté Cardoso of the upcoming short film, “Whiskey Tears”. Slated to be shot in mid August on the new Red One camera and finished on 35mm. I play the role of Jackson. They are a great team and I am very excited to be a part of their project.
From the website:
“Whiskey Tears centers around four ‘20 somethings’ who don’t seem too concerned about responsibility. Although most maintain a steady job and one even manages to live on his own, they manage to stay oblivious to the fact that drinking every night might be setting them back. They ride bicycles to avoid the cops, they bring their own drinks to save money, and they walk into bars like they own them. But finding escape in such partying comes with problems that might not even be remembered in the morning. Whiskey Tears is a how-not-to guide to growing up.”