Eric Callero Actor / Writer / Producer

Juniors Cave Interview

Taken from the site:

Our newest celebrity interview is from a super talented entertainer who grew up in Santa Cruz County. Meet Actor/Director/Producer/Model/Host Eric Callero who openly spoke with our publication about falling in love with acting, creating his own opportunities for success with a new successful web series, and building up his resume so he can land bigger parts/roles in films, episodic television series, and/or video games. If you are ready to meet an amazingly cool, charming, and super-talented person, then read this exclusive spotlight that shares Callero’s fantastic story.

Isaac: Thank you for taking the time from your busy schedule to speak with our publication. You have been busy lately. How important is it for you to continue to stay busy and active in your profession?

Eric: I feel it’s vital as an actor to stay “in shape”, whether that be on stage, in classes or on set. Use it or loose it as they say.

Isaac: Describe a little about your upbringing. Does the entertainment bug runs in your family?

Eric: I grew up in Santa Cruz County, where the redwoods meet the Pacific. It’s a great place to call home. My cousin Nick Rutherford was early influence on me; he was a child actor and now a stand up comedian with his own sketch group.

Isaac: Have you always wanted to work in the entertainment industry? What was the driving force/factor that made you decide to pursue what you are doing currently?

Eric: Ever since I saw Donald O’Connor’s “Make ‘em laugh” scene in Singing In The Rain, I knew I wanted to do just that, but at that time I really didn’t know how. My first job was working the tiny two-screen movie theatre in my home town. I was so proud to change the marquee and eventually I learned how to splice the film prints together. I loved working there; it was as close to the film industry as I could get at that time.

Isaac: Do you believe that acting is something that anyone can be taught to do or is acting more about something that is innate within a person’s general makeup?

Eric: I believe acting is a craft that we can all do but it’s certainly something that needs to be learned by doing, it’s not very easy to teach in a textbook.

Isaac: You have enjoyed some success with appearing in several popular indie projects. You have also worked both in front and behind the scenes in this business. At this point in your career, what are some of the type of projects you are more interested in appearing in and/or working on and why?

Eric: It’s always been about film for me, so feature films are at the top of the list, followed by episodic TV and video games. I enjoy episodic TV because it’s shot just like movies. And some of the story arcs they are able to write for TV, film could never do, it would be too many movies. Video games are just fun to make.

Isaac: One of your current projects is playing the role of The Vinyl Geek in the successful web series Vinyl Rewind. What can you tell our readers about your role and this web series?

Eric: Vinyl Rewind was born out of my love of music, collecting vinyl records and the need to create. As an actor, the best place to be is on set (or on stage) and if you only get to be there at the permission of others (e.g. auditions) it can be very frustrating, so Vinyl Rewind came out of that, I’m in control and I get to have fun with my friends.