Eric Callero Actor / Writer / Producer

“Glory Boy Days” Teaser online

Teaser for the film Glory Boy Days is now online and can be view here. I play the role of “Aces”.

More on the film:
Taking place all in 24 hours, Glory Boy Days glorifies and romanticizes everything we take for granted. Its about kids that know it wont get better than this and revel in it. It is a tribute to the banal and hipster cool by telling its cinematic voice with a whisper. These characters live life on an impulse and let faith direct them. A nonstop thrill ride from beginning to end? No. Something better: Every once in a while a film comes along that breaks through because, unlike every other Hollywood movie out there, it..s honest about how kids are. Thats GLORY BOY DAYS, but it isn’t dark, ugly and shocking for the sake of shock. Its oddly sunny...without being sappy.