Eric Callero Actor / Writer / Producer

Two great days on Terminator

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I had a great time shooting two day on the FOX show Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. The food was great and so was the crew. I even got my own room in a trailer. The first day it was a small room with a sink and couch, but on the second day I got upgraded to a bigger room with a TV, DVD player, microwave, mini-fridge, desk and it even had it’s own bathroom!
I had a lot of fun being at the Warner Brother’s Studio. There is so much movie history there; in fact I found one of the sound stages The Goonies was shot on, one of my favorite movies.
The only bad thing that happened was that I lost my house keys in my trailer and had to drive back to WB. Luckily some of the crew was still there and I was able to get in and I found them between the seat cushions.
The above photo is from the first day with me and three of the dancers hired for the day. Clockwise from the top: Lexy Hulme, Nick Drago, Melinda Bennett, and me. Photo curtsey of Nick Drago.