Booked Japanese TV show role

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I’ll be playing the Texas Sniper in a reenactment of the events that lead to his shooting spree in 1966. Go here to read more. The World’s Astonishing News is a popular prime time show in Japan, in its 6th season on the Nippon Television Network.

Glory Boy Days at SlamDance

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It was just announced that the feature film, Glory Boy Days, will have its world premiere at the 2008 SlamDance film festival. I play the character Aces in the film.

Saw myself at BART

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After being told by numerous friends, I finally went down to the Montgomery BART station in Downtown San Francisco and saw myself as a big illuminated ad. I was even recognized by one of the BART employees who took this picture.

Sub Par wrapped on production

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Finished shooting for the short film, “Sub Par”. I had a great experience overall and really enjoyed getting to know my co-star, Matt Falkenthal. I hope to work with the director, Brian Dombrowski, and the crew again.
The above photo is the view from the Santa Cruz beach house we used as the location we used for the party scene.

Sub Par production started

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Started shooting today for the short film, Sub Par, directed by SJSU Grad. Brian Dombrowski. I enjoyed driving a golf cart around a closed course. Looking forward to more days of shooting.

Cast in a Short - SUB PAR

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Just cast in Brian Dombrowski’s latest short titled “Sub Par”. A story about two friends with no direction in life and easy jobs at a rich country club. Shoots in mid October.

New Glory Boy Days Trailer Online

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Check out the new Glory Boy Days trailer online. Still in post production, the film is being actively submitted to various top-level film festivals. Check back for more news and updates!

Rescue Dawn

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About two years ago I was in Werner Herzog’s film, Rescue Dawn and I finally saw the final product today. It’s still in select theaters, but not for much longer. Look for me in the first five minutes in the war room (above) as a rigger in the equipment room and during the instructional video in the front left seat.

Wrapped shooting “All About Dad”

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Today I wrapped principal photography on the feature film, “All About Dad”. I’m pictured with writer/ director Mark Tran on my left and director of photography Todd Banhazl on my right. They’ll be shooting through next week. I’m wearing the Navy uniform that my character, Daniel wears.

Please visit the official website at www.allaboutdadmovie.com.

Featured Model in Good Times Newspaper

I am a featured model for the fashion issue of this week’s Good Times entertainment weekly newspaper of Santa Cruz County. Be sure to pick you copy today.

Cast in Short

Over the weekend I was cast in a short titled “Sex Positive” by writer/ director Eric Escobar. His previous short, “One Weekend A Month”, “picked up an honorable mention in short filmmaking from the Grand Jury at Sundance in 2005.” It was also screened “for a few dozen women National Guard members on a base in Tikrit, Iraq.”
Shooting begins this weekend.

Good Times Fashion Shoot

no enemy
Today I modeled for a fashion story in Good Times Magazine. I wore No Enemy brand clothing, designed by Paul Cheatham. No Enemy is a California-based company that prides itself on using only organic cotton and water-based dyes. Please visit NoEnemy.org for more information. And be sure to look for the cover story appearing soon in the Good Times Magazine.

Starting Shooting for “All About Dad”

My first day on set was also the first day of production and things turned out well. We shot at two locations; at the first I ran into my buds from the “Glory Boy Days” set, Jared (actor, LANDO) and Paul (director). Jared was playing a cook and Paul was a server at a Chinese restaurant where my character in “All About Dad”, Daniel, works.
The second location was a basement on North 7th St. in San Jose and lets just say things got hot down there with all the lights and the 15 plus crew. I got to meet Hiro Narita who is supervising the photography of the film. Overall it was a great day of filming!

Booked Longs Industrial

I booked a Long Drugs industrial training video for Monday, July 2nd in the morning. Should be easier than the other midnight shoot.

Started Rehearsal for All About Dad

Started rehearsal for the San Jose based feature film “All About Dad” on Wednesday. Got to meet and work the lead, David Huynh, who plays Ty Do. Shooting starts on July 6th and I can’t wait!

Finished Bell Boy Industrial

Wrapped up shooting an industrial introduction video for Mastercard Worldwide Group Head, Melody Miller. It was a lot of fun. We spent most of Monday morning shooting for the video in and around Union Square, San Francisco. I got to go to Tiffany’s before it opened as well has hold over $3,000 in shoes from Saks Fifth Avenue. We concluded the shoot at the Mac store.
Today I appeared on stage, as the bell boy from the video to introduce Melody to the audience. Jen and Michael from Multiimage where great to work with on this project. I hope with their company in the future.

Booked Bell Boy Gig

Booked a two day gig where I play a bell boy to some kind of tooth fairly who is shopping. As I’ve yet I really don’t know much about the gig. More information to follow. Both days will be at Hotel Nikko in San Francisco.

“All About Dad” teaser trailer online

Check out the demo trailer for the upcoming film “All About Dad”.
“All About Dad” is the classic conflict between an “Old World” father and “New World” kids- a theme that goes back to the very beginnings of talking pictures in “The Jazz Singer.” But “All About Dad” is completely new in that it’s the fist (and probably the funniest) feature film to address in depth the charming, unique yet universal lives of an ignored community - Vietnamese Americans. As such, it is creating great buzz and support among Bay Area Vietnamese-Americans.

Booked Safeway industrial

Booked a midnight shoot for Safeway. Should be fun!

Magazines Appearances

Check out the May issue of 7X7 to see my gal and I mix it up at the SF Jazz Gala opening. Also see this month’s issue of Fast Company for a feature article with me as the model.

Website Launch

Finally, after many hours of hard work and years in the making, my official site is now up and running. I hope to add a few pages, a demo reel and other cool stuff in the coming months. Be sure to check back often. Thanks for stopping by!

Featured in Toyota Prius Commercial

I’m featured at the end of a Northern California ad for Prius. Look for it or check it out at youtube.com.
I’m also on the advertising at the Montgomery Muni Station in San Francisco

“Glory Boy Days” Teaser online

Teaser for the film Glory Boy Days is now online and can be view here. I play the role of “Aces”.

More on the film:
Taking place all in 24 hours, Glory Boy Days glorifies and romanticizes everything we take for granted. Its about kids that know it wont get better than this and revel in it. It is a tribute to the banal and hipster cool by telling its cinematic voice with a whisper. These characters live life on an impulse and let faith direct them. A nonstop thrill ride from beginning to end? No. Something better: Every once in a while a film comes along that breaks through because, unlike every other Hollywood movie out there, it..s honest about how kids are. Thats GLORY BOY DAYS, but it isn’t dark, ugly and shocking for the sake of shock. Its oddly sunny...without being sappy.