My Episode Aired

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Tonight my episode of the FOX show. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, aired. I play Will Chandler, a young architect, living in 1920’s Los Angeles who’s life is tragically cut short when a Terminator machine travels to my time by accident.

Here are time stamps to help you find where I am in the show: 58 sec in, 1:09 min, 22:52min, 23:00min & 33:13mi.

Booked and Shot Nokia Ad

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Booked a Nokia print ad that shot today. It was a great shoot. Totally fun. The photographer was great and made a very relaxed photo shoot.

Booked Belkin Print Shoot

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Shooting two days, this Thursday and Friday. Should be a great time, can’t wait to work!

Dido Video Premiere

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Check out Dido’s new video “Don’t Believe in Love” on youtube.com now. Be sure to click on “watch in high quality” to see the best quality. If you look closely, you can see me in a number of the shots, usually from behind. Hope you enjoy it!

Joined SAG today

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Today I filed the paperwork to become a member of SAG. A big step in my career as an actor!

Signed with Marco Cuadros Management

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I now have Marco Cuadros working as my manager. I feel very good being in his capable hands and I am looking forward to working together to foster my career.

Two great days on Terminator

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I had a great time shooting two day on the FOX show Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. The food was great and so was the crew. I even got my own room in a trailer. The first day it was a small room with a sink and couch, but on the second day I got upgraded to a bigger room with a TV, DVD player, microwave, mini-fridge, desk and it even had it’s own bathroom!
I had a lot of fun being at the Warner Brother’s Studio. There is so much movie history there; in fact I found one of the sound stages The Goonies was shot on, one of my favorite movies.
The only bad thing that happened was that I lost my house keys in my trailer and had to drive back to WB. Luckily some of the crew was still there and I was able to get in and I found them between the seat cushions.
The above photo is from the first day with me and three of the dancers hired for the day. Clockwise from the top: Lexy Hulme, Nick Drago, Melinda Bennett, and me. Photo curtsey of Nick Drago.

Booked a role on Terminator

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Just booked a role on the show Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles on the FOX network. I don’t have many details at this point, but it shoots this Thursday and Friday. Check back for updates!

Another great day on the Dido shoot

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Just wrapped my two day shoot on the Dido music video and had a great time. First day we shot at a beautiful ranch in Thousand Oaks, CA, which has been featured in X-Files, Seabiscuit and many other TV shows, movies and commercials.
Today we shot at the Mack Sennet studio in Silverlake neighborhood of LA. Built during the silent era, the studio had a great vibe and lots of history.
I also got to know Matt Amato of The Masses, a great director in his own right. You can see work in Dido’s in studio film featured heavily on her site.
Also met still photographer Bryony Shearmur. She was shooting both film and digital. I can’t wait to see her pics. Hopefully I will be able to post some of them on my site.

Booked Dido music video

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Today I booked the lead male part in a music video for Dido’s newest single, Don't Believe In Love. It will be directed by AlexandLiane, a duo who have previously made videos for Scissor Sisters, The Ting Tings, Bloc Party, Sam Sparro and Armand Van Helden. We are shooting tomorrow in Thousand Oaks, CA.

Motion Capture Work

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I had a great time on today doing motion capture work for the Adult Swim show Xavier: Renegade Angel. I got to wear this cool suit (see above) with LED lights attached to it. I got to play a bunch of different characters. Look for the new season this fall.

Booked work on Xavier

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Next tuesday I am going to do my first motion capture work for the Adult Swim show, Xavier: Renegade Angel. Should be a great experience!

Cheer Up Sam Trailer

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Today the first frailer for the upcoming feature, Cheer Up Sam, came out today. Check out the video here.

(pictured above is the producer Eugene Kim and me admiring some of Larry’s feet paintings. The one featured is titled “Jesus Foot&rdquoWinking

Whiskey Tears shoot

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Just wrapped shooting three days on the upcoming short, Whiskey Tears, directed by Frank Door, produced and written by Chante Cardoso. We had two early days and one night shoot with some crane shots. Overall it was a great experience; great co-stars, great crew. We still have one more day on the schedule, so I can’t wait to get back at it and shoot some some more. Hopefully I’ll post some photos in the coming week.

Cheer Up Sam shoot

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Today I shot my scene in the upcoming feature, Cheer Up Sam, written and directed by Matt Falkenthal. I had a great time on set; I play Larry, the new boyfriend of the ex-girlfriend (played by Lizzie O’Hara, pictured above) of the main character. Larry is a hot, new artist who paints pictures of feet, but everything about him is a joke, even down to his fake cockney accent.
Having worked work with me on other projects, Matt gave me free rain with the character and allowed me to push the limits with improvisation of the lines. Can’t wait to see how the film turns out.

Verizon Shoot

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Today I took my first trip to Long Beach, CA to go the South Bay Studios to film the Verizon web industrial. Very cool shoot with a great crew and director, Dorian Coss. Should be posting a link to the video in the coming weeks.

Booked Verizon Industrial

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Tonight I booked a web industrial for Verizon’s VZ navigation application on their phones. Shoots tomorrow, should be fun!

New Headshots

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Today I got new headshots taken by Jo Liu in down town LA. It was a great photo shoot as she is an excellent photographer with a terrific eye and just a joy to work with! Can’t wait to see the new shots. Check back to see them.

Hero Awards Show

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Tonight I attended the 2008 Hero Awards at the Universal Hilton. It was a great event honoring everyday people who do extraordinary things and benefitting Feed The Children. It will air on FOX on either July 4th or 5th at 8pm, so check it out.
It’s hosted by Dean Cain and features musical performances by B.J. Thomas, Rick Springfield, Thelma Houston, James Ingram, Bo Bice, Paul Williams, Ace Young and The Greater Los Angeles Gospel Choir.

Whiskey Tears Cast

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Tonight I meet with director Frank Door and writer / producer Chanté Cardoso of the upcoming short film, “Whiskey Tears”. Slated to be shot in mid August on the new Red One camera and finished on 35mm. I play the role of Jackson. They are a great team and I am very excited to be a part of their project.
From the website:
“Whiskey Tears centers around four ‘20 somethings’ who don’t seem too concerned about responsibility. Although most maintain a steady job and one even manages to live on his own, they manage to stay oblivious to the fact that drinking every night might be setting them back. They ride bicycles to avoid the cops, they bring their own drinks to save money, and they walk into bars like they own them. But finding escape in such partying comes with problems that might not even be remembered in the morning. Whiskey Tears is a how-not-to guide to growing up.”

Pete Burns Shoot

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Had a lot of fun on the shoot for the World’s Astonishing News. I played the younger Pete Burns, I got dress in interesting clothes and had a fake nose applied to me.

Face Cast

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I had my face cast today for the first time at American Makeup and FX in Van Nuys for the upcoming World’s Astonishing News shoot. (See previous post). It was a really cool experience. I was a little scared at first but after a while it was actually relaxing. They will use the cast to make a fake nose for me when I portray Pete Burns.

Booked Worlds Astonishing News Role

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Booked another role with Duo Creative for the World’s Astonishing News. The story is about Pete Burns, the lead singer of the band “Dead or Alive” and I play the younger version of him in the 80’s and early 90’s.
It shoots this weekend in LA. It should be a lot of fun.

Saw the Sign for the first time

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Today I saw the Hollywood Sign for the first time in real life. It was pretty cool to finally see, although having framed by bilboards advertising the new Indiana Jones film made it even cooler. Of course I didn’t see this close up.

Cinequest Blues

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On Friday, March 7 I went to see Glory Boy Days at the Cinequest Film Festival and was turned away at the door. Apparently they had a full house wouldn’t allow any more people into the theatre even-though I had tickets. So in a way I guess that was a good thing, but it sure bummed me out. I ended up getting into the Saturday show without a problem. Overall it was fun to see it on the big screen in the town it was filmed in.


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Just announced: Glory Boy Days will be screened at this year’s Cinequest Film Festival. The film plays at the San Jose Repertory Theatre on
Friday, March 7th at 7:00PM & Saturday, March 8th at 10:00PM

A link to the write up on the film can be found here, To read more about the film and the festival follow the link Metro Active

Screening in Utah

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Just got back from a trip to Park City, Utah where I attended the World Premire screening of “Glory Boy Days”. It was the first time I saw the final cut and it was great. I spent two days at the festival and had a lot of fun catching up with the cast and crew. Meet some great filmmakers from around the world.

Booked Playstation Industrial

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Today I booked am industrial job for Playstation. Should be pretty fun; My friend and director of “Sex Positive”, Eric Escobar, will be there. The production company he belongs to, Kontent Films, is producing the spot.