Untitled Feature

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Today was my first day on a low budget feature that is untitled at the moment. Already it’s shaping up to be a great production. It’s a drama-comedy that takes place during the course of a night as four couples (long time friends) have a dinner party. Courtney Daniels is at the helm as director. Check back for more details!

Booked speaking role in Feature Film

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The film is called “Slumdog Virgin”, directed by Craig Moss and pretty much a comedy film like Scary Movie or Epic Movie. More information to come so stay tuned!

Cast in Rise Against Music Video

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Got cast in a Rise Against music video today. Should be a great shoot. I play a young man who joins the Army, fights over seas and comes back a different person. The video will premiere on Memorial Day, so look for it then!

Booked Pepsi National Commercial

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Got the news today that I booked a national commercial for Pepsi. Learn that it pays to stay in LA during Christmas and New Year’s!

Booked Belkin Print Shoot

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Shooting two days, this Thursday and Friday. Should be a great time, can’t wait to work!

Booked a role on Terminator

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Just booked a role on the show Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles on the FOX network. I don’t have many details at this point, but it shoots this Thursday and Friday. Check back for updates!

Booked Dido music video

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Today I booked the lead male part in a music video for Dido’s newest single, Don't Believe In Love. It will be directed by AlexandLiane, a duo who have previously made videos for Scissor Sisters, The Ting Tings, Bloc Party, Sam Sparro and Armand Van Helden. We are shooting tomorrow in Thousand Oaks, CA.

Booked work on Xavier

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Next tuesday I am going to do my first motion capture work for the Adult Swim show, Xavier: Renegade Angel. Should be a great experience!

Booked Verizon Industrial

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Tonight I booked a web industrial for Verizon’s VZ navigation application on their phones. Shoots tomorrow, should be fun!

Whiskey Tears Cast

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Tonight I meet with director Frank Door and writer / producer Chanté Cardoso of the upcoming short film, “Whiskey Tears”. Slated to be shot in mid August on the new Red One camera and finished on 35mm. I play the role of Jackson. They are a great team and I am very excited to be a part of their project.
From the website:
“Whiskey Tears centers around four ‘20 somethings’ who don’t seem too concerned about responsibility. Although most maintain a steady job and one even manages to live on his own, they manage to stay oblivious to the fact that drinking every night might be setting them back. They ride bicycles to avoid the cops, they bring their own drinks to save money, and they walk into bars like they own them. But finding escape in such partying comes with problems that might not even be remembered in the morning. Whiskey Tears is a how-not-to guide to growing up.”

Booked Worlds Astonishing News Role

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Booked another role with Duo Creative for the World’s Astonishing News. The story is about Pete Burns, the lead singer of the band “Dead or Alive” and I play the younger version of him in the 80’s and early 90’s.
It shoots this weekend in LA. It should be a lot of fun.

Booked Playstation Industrial

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Today I booked am industrial job for Playstation. Should be pretty fun; My friend and director of “Sex Positive”, Eric Escobar, will be there. The production company he belongs to, Kontent Films, is producing the spot.

Booked Japanese TV show role

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I’ll be playing the Texas Sniper in a reenactment of the events that lead to his shooting spree in 1966. Go here to read more. The World’s Astonishing News is a popular prime time show in Japan, in its 6th season on the Nippon Television Network.

Cast in a Short - SUB PAR

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Just cast in Brian Dombrowski’s latest short titled “Sub Par”. A story about two friends with no direction in life and easy jobs at a rich country club. Shoots in mid October.

Cast in Short

Over the weekend I was cast in a short titled “Sex Positive” by writer/ director Eric Escobar. His previous short, “One Weekend A Month”, “picked up an honorable mention in short filmmaking from the Grand Jury at Sundance in 2005.” It was also screened “for a few dozen women National Guard members on a base in Tikrit, Iraq.”
Shooting begins this weekend.

Booked Bell Boy Gig

Booked a two day gig where I play a bell boy to some kind of tooth fairly who is shopping. As I’ve yet I really don’t know much about the gig. More information to follow. Both days will be at Hotel Nikko in San Francisco.

Booked Safeway industrial

Booked a midnight shoot for Safeway. Should be fun!