I'm a droid in the latest Kohler ad


Kohler Interactive spot

KohlerInteractive

Applebee's Commercial spot

Click above to watch me in the spot about 6 seconds in

Doritos Crash The Super Bowl contest

shapeimage_1 (82)

On Saturday night I acted in a commercial entry for Doritos’s Crash The Super Bowl contest. It was a lot of fun and got to work with some friends and met some new friends.

Target Shoot

shapeimage_1 (66)

I had a great time on set for the Target Holiday commercial. The spot was directed by Mark Romanek, who also directed One Hour Photo and many other music videos. He was great to work with. It was also great to see Pam Neal again. She did my hair and makeup for the shoot. I first meet her for the Flaunt Magazine shoot and got to work with her again on The Runaways.

Booked Target Commercial

shapeimage_1 (65)

Just found out I booked a commercial for Target. It shoots sometime next week!

Pepsi Pass Commercial, watch it now!

I’m in the hot rod at 21 seconds in, enjoy!

Featured in Toyota Prius Commercial

I’m featured at the end of a Northern California ad for Prius. Look for it or check it out at
I’m also on the advertising at the Montgomery Muni Station in San Francisco