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Hard Rock Cafe store

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Pinup Girl Clothing

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Bohemian Society fashion show

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Bohemian Society fashion show

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Tonight I did some runway modeling for Victor Wilde’s Bohemian Society clothing line as part of the Concept LA Fashion Week at the Ace Gallery. Overall it was great time and I met some great people. My commercial agent Robin from LemonLime stopped by and said hi.
We got to walk to some great tunes provided by Hot As Sun. Guitarist for the band is Waz, who I worked with several years ago.
Photo above provided by Adina Doria who also got me this gig. We worked together for the first time, almost a year ago.

Hope In The City

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Tonight I walked in my first fashion show in the heart of LA’s Downtown. It was an awesome experience and I would like to thank designer Rey Aquino for the opportunity.
The show was called Hope In The City and was a benefit for several charities.