Verizon Shoot

shapeimage_1 (22)

Today I took my first trip to Long Beach, CA to go the South Bay Studios to film the Verizon web industrial. Very cool shoot with a great crew and director, Dorian Coss. Should be posting a link to the video in the coming weeks.

Booked Longs Industrial

I booked a Long Drugs industrial training video for Monday, July 2nd in the morning. Should be easier than the other midnight shoot.

Finished Bell Boy Industrial

Wrapped up shooting an industrial introduction video for Mastercard Worldwide Group Head, Melody Miller. It was a lot of fun. We spent most of Monday morning shooting for the video in and around Union Square, San Francisco. I got to go to Tiffany’s before it opened as well has hold over $3,000 in shoes from Saks Fifth Avenue. We concluded the shoot at the Mac store.
Today I appeared on stage, as the bell boy from the video to introduce Melody to the audience. Jen and Michael from Multiimage where great to work with on this project. I hope with their company in the future.