Check out my SLS print ad

That’s me all the way to the left

Booked and shot SLS print ad


Tonight I will be a model for a new ad campaing for SLS Hotels. More details to follow but all in all it was a great shoot photographed by the talented Anna Wolf

Booked Budweiser print ad

piwo_budweiser_1920x1200_001

Hardrock Print job

shapeimage_1 (84)

Today I did a print shoot for Hardrock Cafe in downtown Los Angeles. I had a great time acting like a rock star in front of the camera!

Sony in-house print shoot

shapeimage_1 (77)

Today I had a great time as a model for a Sony print shoot. Erik Borzi was lead photographer. Check out his site here:

Old Navy Print Shoot

shapeimage_1 (64)

Today I did a print ad shoot for Old Navy’s Spring 2011 lineup. It was a very fun shoot to work on. I got to work with fellow actor and model Chadd Smith.

Spread ArtCulture

shapeimage_1 (47)

If you can find a copy of the last issue of Spread ArtCulture, the editorial photographed by Jim Wright that I was featured in, is in it! So check it out and let me know what you think!

New Issue of Flaunt Magazine

shapeimage_1 (41)

I’m in the new issue of Flaunt magazine, check it out!

Spreadart Shoot

shapeimage_1 (40)

I had a great time shooting the Spreadart Magazine editorial. The theme was teddy boys and we shot all day with almost 32 setups. Jim Wright was the photographer and he shot on digital, polaroid and 8mm motion picture film. Not sure when the photos will be published so check back soon.

Flaunt Photo shoot

shapeimage_1 (39)

Did a editoral shoot for Flaunt Magazine today and it is also my birthday. The article centers on the teddy boy look. Should be out in March.

Belkin Print shoot

shapeimage_1 (35)

Had a great time shooting with Belkin!

Booked and Shot Nokia Ad

shapeimage_1 (36)

Booked a Nokia print ad that shot today. It was a great shoot. Totally fun. The photographer was great and made a very relaxed photo shoot.

Saw myself at BART

shapeimage_1 (7)
After being told by numerous friends, I finally went down to the Montgomery BART station in Downtown San Francisco and saw myself as a big illuminated ad. I was even recognized by one of the BART employees who took this picture.

Featured Model in Good Times Newspaper

I am a featured model for the fashion issue of this week’s Good Times entertainment weekly newspaper of Santa Cruz County. Be sure to pick you copy today.

Good Times Fashion Shoot

no enemy
Today I modeled for a fashion story in Good Times Magazine. I wore No Enemy brand clothing, designed by Paul Cheatham. No Enemy is a California-based company that prides itself on using only organic cotton and water-based dyes. Please visit for more information. And be sure to look for the cover story appearing soon in the Good Times Magazine.

Magazines Appearances

Check out the May issue of 7X7 to see my gal and I mix it up at the SF Jazz Gala opening. Also see this month’s issue of Fast Company for a feature article with me as the model.