Pinup Girl Clothing photos


Check out the rest of the photos from the shoot.

Amy Kaplan photo shoot

shapeimage_1 (78)

Finally got the pictures from my recent photo-shoot with photographer Amy Kaplan.

Photoshoot with Ricardo Moreno

shapeimage_1 (75)

Today I had a great photo shoot with photographer in Redondo Beach, CA in an abandon mini golf. Can’t wait to see the images!

Photo Shoot with Adina Doria

shapeimage_1 (69)

I modeled for photographer Adina Doria at the Known Gallery in LA. It was a fun shoot because I got to be painted on my arms and neck. Check out her site to see the whole set.

Patrick Chai Shoot

shapeimage_1 (68)

i just got back some images from a photo shoot I did with Patrick Chai. The one featured above is my personal favorite. Check out his site for more of his work or to book your own shoot.

Photo shoot with Kaemmerling Photography

shapeimage_1 (56)

Today I did a photo shoot with my good friend and college, John Kaemmerling, who just happens to be a world class photographer. I still haven’t gone through all the photos, but there are a lot of good shots. The above shot is just a sneak peak. We were inspired by iconic portraits of leading men, both current and classic. It was my hope to come away with a different look; more mature and maybe with an edge. I think we succeeded.
Be sure to check out John’s site!