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We are excited to announce an upcoming partnership with one of the world’s biggest vinyl geeks- Eric Callero, co-founder of Vinyl Rewind. Before we roll out our super sick partnership, consisting of album reviews, curated collections, and more, we wanted to take some time for you to get to know him better.
PopMarket: Describe your first vinyl memory …
EricWhen I was a kid my family had one of those brown oak entertainment centers. It contained our TV, VHS tapes, turntable etc. I was little so I could only get at the bottom shelf and that’s where all the vinyl was kept. I never  played them (I didn’t want to get in trouble) but I was fascinated by the covers. I loved looking at them and the one that always scared me was the Twisted Sister album Stay Hungry with Dee Snider biting into a turkey leg. I’ll never forget that cover.ble JavaScript if it is disabled in your b
PopMarket: Other than collecting/listening to music, what are your other interests/hobbies?
Eric: Funny enough the show in itself is an expression of my other interests and hobbies. I love to shop and thrift stores and getting deals at garage sales/ flea markets. I mostly look for vintage items, tiki stuff, clothing. In fact shopping at thrift stores is what got me collecting vinyl. I would be looking for cool 70s suits and I would strike out, so I would gravitate to the vinyl and see what I could find. It was cheap enough that I could buy blind. Most of the set pieces seen in the show were acquired this way, from the vintage audio equipment, to the nicknacks, even the furniture. The bar area was the only time I splurged on new items.
I love tiki culture (both vintage and current) and a big part of that is cocktails and over the years I developed a love of mixology, even before the show. It was a natural fit to including the Mixing with the Geek segments.
My other interests are classic cars, cooking, video games, board games/ role playing games, classic cars, photography, filmmaking, gardening and just a general love of restoring/ fixing older items.
PopMarket: When did you first get the idea for Vinyl Rewind?
Eric: For the past ten years I’ve worked as a wedding videographer and a lot of my jobs are in the Bay Area. Since I live in Los Angeles, that’s a good 5/6 hour drive one way. Safe to say I did a lot thinking on the drive. Around 2010 I was watching a lot of web content from guys like Avgn and ThatGuy and I wanted to do something similar but I couldn’t review movies or video games because there were already so many other people do that. So I thought of music but I still needed to stand out more. I’ve always had a vinyl collection and I noticed most reviews never mention the physical aspect of a release and that’s when it hit me, music reviews based on vinyl.ble JavaScript if it is disabled in your browser.
PopMarket: How long have you been doing it?
Eric: I’ve been doing it since 2011, over 4 years now. 
PopMarket: What is your favorite artist?
Eric: At one time it was U2 but not anymore. At the moment it’s David Bowie.  He’s such an interesting person. I would love to pick his brain someday. 
PopMarket: Favorite album of all time?
Eric: Way too hard to pick, but it’s gotta be Weezer’s debut. 
PopMarket: What artist/band do you wish more people knew about?
Eric: Wish more peeps knew about the band Love. They didn’t really break out from the LA area. Most vinyl heads know them though, just not the general public.  Also film and TV soundtracks tend to over look them and play the same old songs from the same time period. 
PopMarket: Where do you see Vinyl Rewind in 5 years?
Eric: In 5 years the show in form or another will be on a network probably a cable channel