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Somewhere in Los Angeles there is a place of antiquity. Not in the museums or a thrift store, but hiding in Eric Callero's garage. As I walked up to his home, he greeted me with a firm, but welcoming handshake. The environment quickly changed from the busy streets of L.A. to a quiet studio. It felt like I walked into a "man cave" of the 70's. Wood paneling lined the walls and shag carpet along the floors. In the corner of the room sat a record player. Eric pressed a button while I tinkered with my cameras. He lifted the needle off of its resting place and guided it onto the grooves of a spinning vinyl. The Beach Boys began to play through the speakers and our conversation continued.

Eric is a very interesting man. He lives in Los Angeles, where many move to pursue a career in acting, Eric found that the industry was a very unforgiving one. He had the foresight to know that he wanted to be on a set but also that it is all at the mercy of someone's decision. He created his quirky and retrospective web-series Vinyl Rewind in an effort to find some kind of solace from the ruthlessness, but also to make things happen instead of waiting for them to happen.

As far as Eric himself, his features are very distinguished. I picture him as if James Dean were a game-show host. His mannerisms are that of an experienced speaker. His hands move frequently while conversing and his palms lift upwards with his shoulders in a half shrug when answering a trivial question. When his interest is piqued, his brow meets with the twirled hair that is coming down his forehead. His personality on and off the set is the most admirable trait that Eric has. He speaks with passion and introspection when he tells a story, so that someone else can quickly relate.

As I talked to Eric, he gave me inspiration. What I understand now is that in order to get where you want you have to first pick yourself off of the ground. Nothing worth-while will come to you on a platter. Most importantly, success comes in stages, in measurable victories throughout your lifetime.