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EXCLUSIVE: Breaking Wind Video Clip!

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Check out the clip over at movieweb.com
From the site ”We have an exclusive clip from the upcoming Lionsgate comedy Breaking Wind, which will be available on DVD, Digital Download, and video on demand in its Unrated Director's Cut March 27. This spoof pokes fun at The Twilight Saga, which you can see in this scene where an annoying Bella (Heather Ann Davis) gets knocked out by one of the Cullen's.”

Ariana Grande music video premiere


Ariana Grande music video

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Today I got to work on Ariana Grande’s first music video for her upcoming single, “Put Your Hearts Up”. The video was co-directed by my friends Meiert Avis and Jeremy Alter, so it was nice to work with them again and on the Universal back lot, which was a dream come true; “Back To The Future” was shot there!
Also there was my partner in crime from the Spill Canvas shoot, Kelsey McNamee. I got my co-star from “Breaking Wind”, Heather Ann Davis, to join in on the action. I also meet former HSN host Craig Rooke. We all got to learn a dance for the finale and perform with about a hundred extras who are all Ariana fans. Overall it was a great way to kick off Thanksgiving weekend

Wrapped on “Sucker” Saturday, October 1, 2011 Saturday, October 1, 2011 Wrapped on “Sucker”

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Overall I had a great time shooting for the film and I am really excited to see the finished product. Pictured above from left to right director Craig Moss, myself, Heather Ann Davis, Peter Gilroy, Alice Rietveld, Frank Pacheco right behind her, Rebecca Ann Johnson, John Stevenson, Emma Bell and Taylor M. Graham. The film is now titled “Breaking Wind”.